About us

Great Expectations!


What to expect at your chosen dance school Dean Mckerras School of Dance trading as Danceman Ltd.

Dance professionals
- Teachers who are passionate about their specialist art form of dance and sharing it with you.

Positive Environment
- We pride ourselves on the positive and enjoyable classes we offer in a studio known for its user friendly, supportive culture.

Amazing studio complex
- You'll take class in one of New Zealand's largest and funkiest studio complexes offering three fully equipped studios, dining and homework tables, kitchenette, lounge/viewing areas and large designer changing room.

Open Studio Policy
: We welcome parents/ caregivers to observe classes at anytime. Viewing from our comfy couches and seating in viewing spaces / studios with consideration to the class taking place.

Four term year
- Our terms follow the school year.  The first two  focus on presenting Levels and exams in all genres, and the last two focus on our end of year performance celebrating an amazing year of dance development.  Our school calendar can be found on our website and is set before the year commences.

- Each term differs in length, involving lessons and extracurricular activities (such as exams) that make up a full programme.  Should you choose not to partake in exams, or if your class falls on an exam day/weekend, we offer an invitation for you to attend other classes in our timetable should you be able. 

- A minimum of seven classes per term. An average across one dancing year of eight classes.

Term class fees
- Fees for a full term programme commence at $95.  You'll pay full price for the first class per term a dancer registers in and benefit from 20 percent discount for each extra class enrolled in there after, plus 10 percent family discount as we all should know the more dance the better! Please note that these discounts are only applicable to those dancing a full term and when payment is made before the due date.The due date for fees is before term begins, however we do offer a grace period of one week allowing you to get the kids off to school and then process online or pop in and use eftpos / cash / cheque during our office hours. 

Medical/ Travel
- Where a student is absent for three weeks or more please advise us so we can address class timetabling / placement / staffing and accounts- you will become a ‘part-term’ dancer- and some dance is better than none in every case! Please refer above to realise that part terms do not qualify for multi-class or family discounts because the discounts allow 2-3 free classes per term- these classes have been ‘gifted’ to you and so can be danced but not refunded as they have not been ‘paid’ for.

Teacher Replacement
- without notice we may need to put a reliever in for a lesson, much thought goes in to who we put in front of every class with extreme dedication to providing dance professionals and a positive environment every time.

-  Classes are credited to accounts- it is our aim to avoid ever cancelling a class but sometimes it's the only option for example when no replacement is available.

- We do not charge for extra practises we call for show work.

- Our teachers are not on a salary, they are on an hourly rate and we proudly support them in their decision to make dance their profession and pay them for all they do so please expect to be billed for all you receive from them.

- We have over 120 classes per week scheduling over 400 students into almost 3000 positions in classes each week. Where possible we take into account students dancing multiple classes, staff availability and offer weekday and weekend options for families. For this reason all alterations to timetables must be communicated via email or in person through the office. Confirmation of any class alteration will be received via Studio Director- the ‘internationally” recognised studio programme that runs our mammoth organisation.

Solos/duos/trios classes
- for our competition dancers and families we have developed this programme. These sessions provide you with an invaluable weekly practise time where dancers can train the only way possible- dancing their routines at performance standard with immediate teacher feedback. These sessions are scheduled by the term to again accommodate all that our timetabling approach aims to achieve. Because these classes have been booked for individuals, duos or trios and charged at the cheapest term rate possible for all that is provided, they must be paid for in full. Please advise us if you will be absent and if you wish to arrange for someone else to use your booking. Remember you have the option to book casual privates if you can not commit to the full term so we have you covered. There will be a permanent teacher for your session, should this teacher not be available for any reason one of our team will be carefully selected to take your session.

- These are compulsory and are available from the studio during office hours. Dancewear specialists PW Dancewear produce and supply our gear, chosen because of their quality and great price point. Our uniform items / requirements ensure effective teaching and learning can take place and the passion for dance can truly be shared. You'll find several sources of second hand gear, including the office, as the great quality means they get passed on and on from one growing dancer to the next.

Exams & Levels
- We present DanceNZmade Performance, Hip Hop and Contemporary Levels which are used in over 15 studios around New Zealand, and we have the benefit of our students learning directly from the choreographers of each genre and the Director/ Creator of DanceNZmade himself.

Tap students dance the NZAMD syllabus and our ballet students dance IDTA.

Exam and Level fees start from $49- this fee covers the external fee, certificates and reports, our own staffing and administration.

We pride ourselves on a stress free exam / level period and due to the time commitment this part of our year demands from students and parents but most of all staff, after exams we celebrate by having the rest of the week off.

- for the end of year show and used throughout the year, are done on a user friendly recycled system. Looking after the planet and your wallets a minimal Performance Fee is paid annually to support our now extensive system and the running costs of such a monster organisation.  Please note that as we dress over 1000 dancers during the show, it is unknown until close to show time which part of the uniform options will be used. This year we will also ask parents to purchase 1 piece of costume that will be tailor made for each dancer. This will be added to your account and is to please be paid for by way of 50% deposit in term two and remainder of payment in Term 3. We anticipate full cost to be between $30-$60.

- Our studio runs as a business and the business provides us with an incredible space to dance- please be prepared to pay for a studio should you wish to use it.  If there is a studio available this does not mean it is ‘free'! Demand is high for space so please use the correct booking process through the office to avoid clashes.

- Occasionally we being humans, may stuff up! This is not our intention and we'd appreciate the opportunity to fix it- there's only one person who can do that and all communication of this nature needs to be addressed directly to Dean. Please respect our team by following procedure.

At the end of the day
- there are many ways to do something. By choosing to dance with us you are accepting the way we do our something. We may need to change the way we do our something or part of our something and so great thought and teamwork goes into these changes and implementing them- going forward we are seeking a better way to do our something and while it may still not be the way someone else or you yourself do your something- it’ll be the way going forward that we have decided to do our something. Why because we are all about doing the best something we can provide. Thanks for your faith in us because it comes down to love. We pride ourselves on all we do and deliver through dance. Come prepared to love your time at our studios and in return we will love you being here! Let the great expectations begin...