Dance in Education


We offer dance programmes to all groups from kindergarten/preschool through to secondary schools. From one-off lessons through to full units with specialists groups of students thru to entire teams. We can produce a whole school production including costuming, music, choreography and direction.


We can also provide Professional Development sessions in schools for teachers, providing them with the skills and resources to teach dance without dancing themselves!



Just wanting to formally express our thanks for the magnificent Body and Soul programme, the conclusion of which was celebrated last night at the town hall with a brilliant performance by the children [and staff!] from Clifton School.

We have been amazed at our son's response to the programme [previously a definite "non-dancer] - it has been such a pleasure to see him so excited about the classes, heading off to school in the morning with, eagerly anticipating the sessions with, "cool - it's dancing today!"

I got a glimpse of one of the dance sessions while walking past the school hall and could sense the incredible energy, enthusiasm and excitement generated by the dance tutor amongst the children.

The programme has definitely increased my son's fitness and we have noticed other really positive affects including self esteem and confidence.  We are so impressed, that we will be making enquiries today to ascertain whether the classes are available through any other source.

What a great job the children and staff did of remembering so many dance moves which reflects how successful the dance tutor was in igniting their passion and interest in dancing. 

Judging from the amount of toe tapping and "seated hip movements" amongst the audience alone [young and old], this dance experience must surely have been a joyous and uplifting experience for all involved.    

So, our thanks to Clifton School for providing this wonderful experience and to the incredibly talented Dean McKerras for doing such an excellent job!

- Theresa and Craig