Studio Hireage

2020 Studio Hireage


Studio Size Casual/hr Term/hr


12.6m x 9.6m (121m2)


$35 $25


8.75m x 7.05m (61.7m2)


$30 $20


8.54m x 10.7m (91.4m2)


$25 $15



Casual bookings are irregular bookings.  Term hireage is making your booking time unavailable to anyone else and is expected to be paid for whether it is used by your group or not.  Rental of the studio space includes the use of the stereo, change rooms, toilets, power and kitchen.  There is a $20 bond per key lease. 


Term bookings do not include the holidays, however the booking can be extended at Term price to include them.  Dates must be specified at time of booking to receive this rate.


If you are a community or non-profit organisation, we will consider partially sponsoring your hireage in return for recognition for doing so.  Please take the opportunity to speak with us further.


Bookings can be made in the office during office hours or by email, however the email booking will incur an administration fee of $10 and you will be required to pick up your key from the office during office hours.  All casual hireage must be paid for at the time of booking.  Term hireage can be paid fortnightly via online booking keeping ahead of usage. 


DMSoD Students may book a studio at ‘Term Rates’ to work on DMSoD choreography.


Bookings are made for specific studios, however – if a larger studio is available at the time of use, the user may upgrade studios at no charge.  However, if someone comes to use the larger studio, the booked user is to return to the original booked studio. 


Example: Customer A. has booked studio 3 for $15/hr however, when they arrive to find studio 1 empty – they can use studio 1 for the same $15.  However, Dean arrives to work on DMSoD choreography and needs studio 1 (even though it wasn’t booked), the customer must return to their ‘booked studio 3’.  There is no ‘first come, first serve’ policy.


2021 Term Dates

Term 1 - Tuesday 9th February - Saturday 17th April 

Term 2  - Tuesday 3rd May - Saturday 10th July

Term 3  - Monday 26th July - Saturday 2nd October

Term 4  - Monday 18th October - Saturday 11th December


Studio Hireage Expectations:

You can expect to find your hired space clean and tidy upon arrival, with power and stereo functional.

Please request stereo operational instructions should you require them!


We expect for you to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your hireage time in order for you to get organised for your activity.  For the space used to be left neat and tidy.  For you to leave no later that 15 minutes past your booking time.  For the lights to be turned off, the alarm to be turned on, and the doors to be locked.


We also expect you to keep the alarm code confidential, and to return the key once you have finished with your booking.  You can do so by popping into the studio during office hours so you can also collect your key bond.  If you wish to return the key in the drop box after hours, please make sure it is in an envelope with your name and banking details so we can credit your bond via online banking.